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Prom makeup for a Purple Dress?

I have prom coming up in May. So I went and brought a dress you know. It so happened that the drss is like a deep purple but not really dark. I was wondering how I should do my makeup because I think that I am going to wear my hair down and curl it.

I have blue eyes, a dark strawberry blonde hair (brown at times and red at times), and a fair skin tone.Prom makeup for a Purple Dress?
Never match your eyeshadow to your dress. You always go with what goes best with your eye and hair color. To make your eye color ';pop'; go with a contrast like greens, or browns with a plum eyeliner. (sold Avon for 10 years).A dusting of gold under the brow bone would add a little sparkle. Try lots of combinations before the big day ...and have fun!Prom makeup for a Purple Dress?
I think something that'll go with the dark strawberry blonde of yours, like pink eyeshadow because the blue and the green have each other to match, it'll be weird if the red stuck out
try a gold eye shadow..if the dress is simple..try exagerating the make up a bit..with a deep gold color..if the dress has detail stick with a simpler makeup technique..but as far as color goes my recomendation is goes good with purple. good luck!
Try lavender eye shadow and a clear lip gloss
Do I light Champagne and gold on your eyes and a nude lipcolor, with a really shiny gloss. use a med gray and smudge into lash line to creat a little smokey effect, but not too much!
wow sounds cool wear a light purple makeup color!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NEVER match your eyeshadow colour with whatever top your wearing. It's one of the tips offered by the experts in 'america's next model' and I agree because when you do that, it would look so co-ordinated and predictable. Since yours is a one-piece dress, don't opt for a purple eyeshadow. You would look like an all round 'purple' girl with nothing special to boast. I suggest a shimmery pearl colour or a shimmery light/medium pink.
I'd say a pink eyeshadow but don't over do it
i would use a demestic smokie effect with mottified collers

you will neec: a cream color

a lite pink

and a medydium purple

step 1: cover your entire eye (from your eye brow down)

with the cream color.

step 2: then cover from just above your eyelid down with pink

step 3: last cover your eyelid down with the purple

step 4: use a blush brush and sweep up

only uese power eye shadow or you'll look like a hoocker

goes good with a lite sparkly lip gloss
aww i love it very cute+fun

you should do a brownish color for your eyeshadow and brown eyeliner + of course mascara, is a must...

and for your lips something pinkish but it has to look natural

and make your 2 weeks before prom you clean your face and always put mosturizer so you get a special glow in your face so it can look healthy.
I assume your prom will be within the next couple of months. According to the season, light colors are good. You can use a lavender color eye shadow and accent it with white below the brow and possibly a white eyeliner on the top lid. Keep the face neutral and clean, not a lot of blush and if you do use it, keep it a light color like a sheer pink or sheer bronze. Keep your lips neutral but really glossy. Don't go for dark lips. Hope this helps.
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