Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What eye makeup to complement a dark purple dress?

I have blue eyes, fair skin and dark blond hair. My hair will be down around my shoulders, and I wear glasses.What eye makeup to complement a dark purple dress?
I suggest light gray from lashes to brow and a little black in the crease of your lid. It will make your eyes pop out from under those glasses!What eye makeup to complement a dark purple dress?
you can use light purple colour mixed with a drak purple!

you can do it easy like the first picture!


like picture 2 but where you see the yellow you can use blue like your eyes then they pop out more or a light purple!


Smokey grey/black eyes would really focus attention on your eyes, and it would go well with the dress.

you can get tutorials form youtube on how to do Smokey eyes.

hope this helps!

emily x
I would use dark mascar, very natural with the eyeliner not too much; a dark purple shadow near your lashes and pink on the brow bone.
smokey eye!鈥?/a>
purple goes well with purple :)

seriously it will look nice because of the combination

good luck.
hi you can try this one:

with videos in how to apply makeup step by step
gold tones

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